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Cobham E710 Firmware 1.07 v.3


Please be informed that a new software version 1.07 has been released.
This version is based on same set of features as in previous version 1.06, but including the below mentioned bug fixes.

MEDIUM: It is recommended to apply this change / initiative to all units in stock.
For units sold it is recommended to apply this change / initiative next time the system(s) is inspected.
Changes from software version 1.06 to version 1.07: Important Bug fixes:

  • Terminal could fail to register after Factory Reset due to invalid saved position.

Note, the terminal must have obtained position fix in order to register.

  • Terminal could ignore incoming and outgoing calls if it had entered power save mode.
  • Terminal could fail to send Register burst.
  • AT shell could fail due to unresolved closed connections.
  • AT command “+CGPADDR” fixed to return global IP address.

Update is possible only from previous release 1.05 or 1.06.

  • For older versions, a step-upgrade to 1.05 is necessary.
  • For versions 1.00 and 1.01, it is necessary to step-upgrade to 1.02 and then 1.05.

Restriction when software upgrade is powered by battery.

  • If the battery capacity is below 25% a SW upgrade will be rejected.

Step-upgrading to 1.05: Software upgrade must be conducted with the DC power supply connected. If the upgrade is conducted while the EXPLORER 710 operates in battery mode, an AVR Processor software cannot be completed and may result in an error message error code 16. The final stage of the software update will however be completed once the terminal is connected to the DC power and indicated by the status LED flashing blue.

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